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  • Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012

  • “Mary Shelley gave us Frankenstein and Erica Ferencik gives us Dr. Astra Nathanson in Repeaters…

    ...and the question must be asked, why are women so good at writing stories that scare the pants off you, have you checking the locks on the doors, and keeping the lights on to fend off the dark?...This is one scary story that readers who like their thrills bloody will love.” – Alan Caruba, Bookviews, January, 2012

    Karma’s a bitch. So is Dr. Astra Nathanson, the heartless narcissist at the center of a bone-chilling new thriller that dares you to stop reading as it explores why some people just can’t seem to get it right—no matter how many times they come back to try.

    The good Dr.Nathanson is a Repeater, one of humanity’s extreme karmic losers, doomed to live as many bleak lives as it takes to learn what the universe actually expects of them. Evil to the core, she’s come back this time as a noted child psychiatrist. Nobody is what they seem in this dark, chilling exploration of the human heart and what it’s capable of in the absence of love.